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From: Aaron Swanson
Subject: Eye Spy Emmerdale Part OneThis story features fictional characters from ITV's soap opera, Emmerdale.
It does not, in any way reflect upon the actors themselves, or upon the
producers of the actual script. This is fictional, and fun, so enjoy!Eye Spy Emmderdale: Part One.
The door swung open and David Pollard stepped inside the house, wearing a
close-fitting suit and a smirk. "Welcome to your new home."His new tenant followed him in, and gazed at the plush furniture,
widescreen plasma TV and all the other accessories he'd dreamed of owning.David eyed him shrewdly while the kid took it all in. Eventually he broke
the silence. "Well Daz? What do you think?" Daz Sugden's eyes were huge,
and it took him a moment before he replied, "It's... brilliant! It's
brilliant but there's no way I can afford this.""sure you can, discount price for a mate." David winked and the deal was
done.Daz had been getting cramped lately. He didn't like staying with Andy, with
the baby crying all the time and the constant noise and smell of the
farm. And Jack's place was getting too crowded, with Victoria getting older
and snappier. He held down a decent job, and there were always properties
available, so he'd saved and decided to look around. It was only by chance
that he'd mentioned his plans to Jasmine, who in turn had mentioned it to
David. Daz was skeptical when the young businessman offered to give him a
viewing of the rennovated house on the outskirts of the village, as he was
fairly sure it would be above his price range. It was, and he couldn't
shake the suspicion that beneath the generosity, there was a catch. He
wasn't the most polite guy in the Dales, so he came right out and asked
what it was."There is no catch mate, honest. I thought I'd get a buyer sooner but noone
seems interested. And then I hear about you looking for a place so I figure
we're both happy." Daz stared at him for a long moment but David gave
nothing away. Within half an hour the papers were signed and Daz was
packing his things, with a shiny new key in his pocket.As David drove off and left Daz to it, he allowed himself a chuckle. The
kid wasn't as stupid as he looked. What was the catch? David was confident
that Daz would never figure out what "the catch" actually was. He patted
the spare key in his jacket pocket, and went for a drink.
By the next night, Daz had moved in. Andy had came to help him rearrange
furniture and check the electrics and all the other small checks that
needed to be done. He'd been given the day off work to sort himself out,
and had finally finished, late that night. He had a pizza delivered, and
leaned back on his sofa, flicked on the TV, and drank a beer. A few hours
later, and he was slumped further down in the chair, with half a dozen
empty cans on the table in front of him, flicking idly across the
channels. He landed on a music channel and with a small smile of
indulgence, cranked the volume up. "Fuck it," he said to himself, "who's
going to complain?"Next door, David heard the music get louder, and moved to the small room
that served as his office. With the push of a remote, several monitors
flickered into life and David grinned. The cameras were all over the house,
hidden expertly. Every room, every seat, every inch of the house could be
targeted. But for the moment, David was watching Daz through the tiny
camera inserted behind the TV screen. With satisfaction, he recalled the
ealier conversation with Daz about the TV..."The TV is enabled to have cable installed, you know, six hundred channels
or some shit like that. You have to subscribe to get the different packages
though. If you don't, you'll only get the standard 5 channels. Oh, but I've
used this place since it was hentai tiny angels lolita built so you'll get a couple of weeks of free
channels.""Will the football be on there?""Football, movies, news, oh and the porn package." The two guys had shared
a grin.Now David was the only one grinning, as Daz flicked onto a porno
channel. David could tell immediately that it was hardcore porn, because
Daz's eyes got that heavily lidded look, and his mouth hung open
slightly. Every penny he'd xxx youngest 3d lolicon spent on that house felt worth it, as he watched
Daz reach down and rub at his groin. Even though he was alone, habit made
him look about nervously before he slid a hand down his pants and started
playing with himself.David resisted the urge to do the same, and instead hit the record button.Daz nestled into the soft cushions and felt his dick stiffen against his
hand. It felt naughty but great to be jerking off on the sofa! His stomach
fluttered as he realised that he could be as open as he liked. This was his
house and he was alone! He felt the thrill as he lifted his shirt and
tossed it onto the floor. He slid out of his trousers and pants too, but
couldn't be bothered to take his socks off. Sitting back down, it felt
strange for his naked ass to be touching the cushions. Then he lay back,
almost horizontal, and starting pumping his dick, triumphantly grimacing.David whistled as he watched Daz play with himself like a naughty schoolboy
whose parents are out of town for the night. He zoomed slightly, and
savoured the sight of the teen's hard body in action. His legs were
hairless, and spread like a whores. His smooth stomach pulsed in and out
with the exertion. A tiny bead of sweat appeared on his forehead as his
cheeks reddened. Then he groaned in ecstasy and with three powerful thrusts
of his hips, he blasted his juices into the air. David fancied that he
could see the lad's balls churning as he humped the air madly. Then as the
puddles of come starting to cool on pre lola top model his bads, Daz relaxed. Turning the TV
off, he waited until his impressive dick had softened a little, then strode
to the kitchen to clean himself up, stark naked. David watched his
ass-cheeks clench and unclench as he walked, and smiled a wide, satisfied
smile.He watched until Daz had big nude lolita girls fell asleep in bed, then turned off the screens.
As he climbed into his own bed, he imagined the next night. Watching that
body had been divine, but now David wanted more. Next time, he was going to
take more... physical action.Part 2 to follow. What do you want to happen? What did you think of this
chapter? ls bbs loli portal
Let me know, at
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